This is a three-module course with a focus on your individual understanding of cannabis, strengthening the way you make product recommendations, and understanding the responsibility of staying informed. Foundation of Budtending is designed to uproot some of the misconceptions left over from 100 years of prohibition and replace them with mutable concepts that will grow with the individual and the industry.

When you purchase the course, Symbiosis will email you a password to enter the classroom, view the videos, and take the quizzes. Once you have completed all three modules, you will receive a letter of recommendation detailing the course topics studied and emphasizing the breadth of your cannabis knowledge.

  • Module 1: Expanding Your Understanding of Cannabis
  • Module 2: Improving Your Daily Storefront Interactions
  • Module 3: Education as a Responsibility

Looking to go deeper?

Check out Evolution of Budtending or Immersion into Budtending.

Immersion into Budtending

This provides you access to the three videos and quizzes that make up the course. If the email you intend to use in the google forum quizzes is different then the one associated with your paypal, please reach out to SCE and let us know.


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